Those of us who have Bipolar Disorder are very familiar with our minds being assaulted by negative “unhelpful” thoughts – especially during episodes of depression or mania. Sometimes the volume level gets turned up so loud that it’s hard to focus on anything else!

The impact thoughts have on our health, the way they directly influence our choices, and even how they affect those around us can’t be underestimated. It’s huge! When we have an angry thought, we BECOME angry. When we have a sad thought, we become sad. If we start thinking that “we’re a bad person,” all of a sudden we start to believe it to be the unequivocal truth! We start to believe that “we are our thoughts.”

Thoughts are like our shadows on a sunny day. They are always there – even if we aren’t paying direct attention to them. The key is remembering that WE are the ones casting the shadow on the ground, and not start believing that we are “just a shadow” or let it define who we are.

So how can we tell if a strong thought has substance to it or if it’s just a “shadow cast by our minds?” How do we know if it’s something we should genuinely be concerned about, or something we should let go? In this Polar Warrior video, we’re going to talk about techniques to “put our thoughts in trial.” Let’s put them to the test before they cause us, or someone we care about, to be impacted by them!

Becoming aware of the “unhelpful patterns” in the way we think (especially subconsciously) takes practice. All profound change starts with self-awareness. Even finding these videos started with becoming aware that something wasn’t right and the desire to change that. The more you practice the techniques in this video, the easier it will become to recognize the lack of substance behind many of our unhelpful thoughts. Practices like this can literally create new neural connections in the brain and rewire the way we respond to life (neural-plasticity).

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“Sometimes the volume level gets turned up so loud that it’s hard to focus on anything else!”

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