Bipolar Disorder & WEIGHT GAIN: (*7 Tips*)

CLICK IMAGE TO PLAY VIDEO FROM THE VIDEO:Bipolar Disorder & WEIGHT GAIN: (*7 Tips*) - Polar Warriors"Many of us with Bipolar Disorder are given a horrible choice... Do we take our life-saving medication and gain (or lose) a ton of weight,

“THE ORIGINS OF STRESS” Polar Warriors Bipolar Disorder Support

CLICK IMAGE TO PLAY VIDEO FROM THE VIDEO:THE ORIGINS OF STRESS - Polar WarriorsToday I have a short video inspired by a story told by an Australian Monk. It was even published on the Harvard Business School Blog, so it resonates

BIPOLAR DISORDER: Understanding “Manic Standards”

CLICK IMAGE TO PLAY VIDEO I’d like to offer a explanation as to why so many of us struggle to find stability with our bipolar disorder... FROM THE VIDEO: "When I was first misdiagnosed as having just unipolar depression, they


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