Bipolar Disorder & WEIGHT GAIN: (*7 Tips*)

CLICK IMAGE TO PLAY VIDEO FROM THE VIDEO:Bipolar Disorder & WEIGHT GAIN: (*7 Tips*) - Polar Warriors"Many of us with Bipolar Disorder are given a horrible choice... Do we take our life-saving medication and gain (or lose) a ton of weight,

BIPOLAR MEDICATION: Do I Have to Take it Forever?

CLICK IMAGE TO PLAY VIDEO FROM THE VIDEO:TAKING BIPOLAR MEDS FOREVER - Polar WarriorsA common question I get is “will I still have Bipolar episodes with the right meds?” The answer is yes! Which creates the follow up question...“Then why should

The 4 WORST “Mood Stabilizers” for BIPOLAR DISORDER!

CLICK IMAGE TO PLAY VIDEO TRANSCRIPT FROM THE VIDEO: The 4 WORST "Mood Stabilizers" for BIPOLAR DISORDER! - From Polar Warriors: "My YouTube channel has given me a very unique advantage when it comes to exploring mental health issues. I


CLICK IMAGE TO PLAY VIDEO A cure for Bipolar Disorder? That sounds amazing to people like me who have struggled with Bipolar Disorder symptoms their entire life. A cure also sounds especially good to those having a hard time accepting

CAN’T AFFORD CARE (Part 1) Doctors & Therapy Resources!

CLICK IMAGE TO PLAY VIDEO Can't afford to see a doctor and get the diagnosis or care you DESERVE? You are not alone in this frustrating struggle. I've had so many people in the comments mention how they can't afford access to

CAN’T AFFORD CARE (Part 2) Prescription Medication Resources!

CLICK IMAGE TO PLAY VIDEO The cost of medications is one of the TOP reasons why those with Bipolar Disorder (and other illnesses) quit taking their meds. This is a huge problem and a common outcry among so many people on

Bipolar Disorder DENIAL: Refusing Treatment For Mental Illness

CLICK IMAGE TO PLAY VIDEO Bipolar Disorder is truly a journey - and not just for those of us with the diagnosis. The impact of this illness can be far reaching to include our friends, spouse, family, coworkers, and more. I've

7 Reasons Why People QUIT Taking Medication For Bipolar Disorder!

CLICK IMAGE TO PLAY VIDEO Those of us who have Bipolar Disorder often experience a “love hate” relationship with our medications. Finding the right combination can be a life-changing or even life-saving experience for many of us, but not all of


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