A cure for Bipolar Disorder? That sounds amazing to people like me who have struggled with Bipolar Disorder symptoms their entire life. A cure also sounds especially good to those having a hard time accepting a “Mental Illness” diagnosis.

I’ve had countless people reach out to Polar Warriors asking if there is a “cure” or “alternative treatment” for Bipolar Disorder. Some have even provided links to medical professionals claiming to cure their illness, so of course I had to research this more myself. The prospect of not having to take medications or deal with a very stigmatized diagnosis would appeal to anyone. If there IS a cure for Bipolar Disorder out there, I want to be the first to know so I can share this information with my fellow Polar Warriors!

-Below is a quoted section from the video which highlights the points I’m trying to make. Any comments that aren’t part of a constructive conversation WILL BE REMOVED. That doesn’t mean you have to agree with me lol… Just be respectful of each other. We all deserve that.


“There is a big difference between a “cure” and a “treatment…” I’m NOT a doctor, I’m not a drug-pusher, and I respect that everyone has to find their own path to wellness. I’m not here to tell you that your “favorite YouTube doctor is bad” or that you need to take medications. I don’t sell anything and I don’t even talk about specific medications on this channel. I’m simply trying to appeal to people’s common sense when assessing a very serious, potentially life-threatening illness… We’re all looking for answers and trying to live our lives in the best way possible – for us. I get that. I also get how hard it is to hear a doctor say the words “Mental Illness” because I live with it myself! I’ve really been there. I know how appealing it is to think that we might have an “out” for the diagnosis, but that’s simply not realistic in today’s world. We are still far from finding a universal cure for Mental Illness. The brain is a very complicated thing and so are we. I just hope that after watching this video, you’ll consider taking a good look at the treatments that are showing the most promise for treating Mental Illness, instead of gravitating towards enticing words like “cure” or “alternative.” Are modern treatments like meds and therapy perfect? Of course not! If we go back to the 1-in-5 number of those who don’t survive Bipolar Disorder, I don’t want you to place all your bets on something where the odds aren’t entirely in your favor. Stick with what’s been shown to work for the largest number of people – at least at first! Once you get a handle on your Bipolar symptoms, it’s up to you and your team of care professionals to decide the next step. Just be careful out there Warriors and I say everything in this video out of love.”

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“I also get how hard it is to hear a doctor say the words “Mental Illness” because I live with it myself!”

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