BIPOLAR DISORDER: Understanding “Manic Standards”

CLICK IMAGE TO PLAY VIDEO I’d like to offer a explanation as to why so many of us struggle to find stability with our bipolar disorder... FROM THE VIDEO: "When I was first misdiagnosed as having just unipolar depression, they

Put Your BIPOLAR THOUGHTS on Trial (CBT Technique)

CLICK IMAGE TO PLAY VIDEO Those of us who have Bipolar Disorder are very familiar with our minds being assaulted by negative "unhelpful" thoughts - especially during episodes of depression or mania. Sometimes the volume level gets turned up so loud that

Bipolar Disorder Symptoms: SEE THEM IN ACTION!

CLICK IMAGE TO PLAY VIDEO As we learn more about Bipolar Disorder, it will get easier to start noticing the patterns of predictable behavior that go with it... At first, it can seem like there is "no method to the madness."

Faces of Bipolar Disorder (PART 7) “Bipolar Mania”

CLICK IMAGE TO PLAY VIDEO Bipolar MANIA, symptoms, types, treatment and more are thoroughly discussed in this video. We're proud to say this is our 7th video in our ongoing series titled "Faces of Bipolar Disorder," so if you'd like to

If You Have Bipolar Disorder, DON’T Do “The Emotional Driveby!”

CLICK IMAGE TO PLAY VIDEO Here's a good example of what NOT to do if you have Bipolar Disorder... This Bipolar help video from Polar Warriors discusses what I like to call “the emotional drive-by.” This topic can help you keep

Bipolar Disorder Tools: “Bilateral Stimulation” of the Brain!

CLICK IMAGE TO PLAY VIDEO Welcome fellow "Polar Warriors" to my FIRST OFFICIAL video uploaded to YouTube! This first Bipolar video is on “Bilateral Stimulation” of the brain. This is a little trick or tool that someone shared with my along my

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