Bipolar psychosis is one of the most serious symptoms that those of us with Bipolar Disorder can experience. It’s also one of the most stigmatized and misunderstood. In this video we will talk about the different types of Bipolar psychosis, signs or symptoms, and ways treatment is approached. This is a very inclusive video with a lot of valuable information, so feel free to watch it more than once to absorb all the info. This video is part of our comprehensive series titled “Faces of Bipolar Disorder.” If you want to learn a LOT about the illness, this series is an excellent place to start.

It’s very common for those with Bipolar Disorder to be initially diagnosed after being hospitalized or even jailed due to psychosis. My journey began after a difficult hospitalization. This can come as quite the shock to our family, partner, and especially ourselves. I hope that this video provides some well-needed information to anyone looking to understand more about Bipolar Disorder. You are NOT alone in these experiences and very welcome here at Polar Warriors.

If you have Bipolar Disorder and have experienced psychosis, please feel free to share your story here. Remember to be kind and professional with comments… This topic can be sensitive and a possible trigger for some, so it’s important to keep that in mind. We are all here to help each other share information and grow =)

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