GUILT: Emotions of Bipolar Disorder (PART 2)

CLICK IMAGE TO PLAY VIDEO FROM THE VIDEO:GUILT: Emotions of Bipolar Disorder (PART 2):Welcome to the second video in our series titled “Emotions of Bipolar Disorder.” As mentioned in the first video, we are going to talk about what guilt, shame,

INTRO: Emotions of Bipolar Disorder (PART 1) – Polar Warriors

CLICK IMAGE TO PLAY VIDEO FROM THE VIDEO:The Bipolar Time Machine - From Polar Warriors:"Today I want to talk about something a little heavy...I've had many many people mention the guilt, shame, or regret that comes from the things they did

REAL ISSUES… Or Not? Bipolar Disorder Help From Polar Warriors!

CLICK IMAGE TO PLAY VIDEO I've noticed many times where I'd become extremely upset about something, say things I don't mean or treat those around me poorly, and then a week later – the BIG problem isn't even a second thought

Put Your BIPOLAR THOUGHTS on Trial (CBT Technique)

CLICK IMAGE TO PLAY VIDEO Those of us who have Bipolar Disorder are very familiar with our minds being assaulted by negative "unhelpful" thoughts - especially during episodes of depression or mania. Sometimes the volume level gets turned up so loud that

Is BIPOLAR Disorder Your Parent’s FAULT?

CLICK IMAGE TO PLAY VIDEO Is having Bipolar something that was caused by your parents? This is a common question among people searching for answers and I believe this video can help provide a better understanding of mental illness and causation.

BIPOLAR Relationship HELP: Words of Wisdom For a Healthy Marriage

CLICK IMAGE TO PLAY VIDEO Of all the Bipolar videos I've made so far, this one was the hardest for me personally. Bipolar relationships and marriages can be so challenging that many of them don't survive it. That DOESN'T mean that


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