CLICK IMAGE TO PLAY VIDEO Have you ever asked someone “what's wrong” out of compassion or good nature and find that it just made things worse? It's as if they were “ok” one minute, and after you ask them what's wrong,

THE BIPOLAR CHICKEN FARMER: Powerful Lesson in Mindfulness!

CLICK IMAGE TO PLAY VIDEO The "Bipolar Chicken Farmer" is a fantastic story that puts things into a different perspective for those of us on the "Bipolar Journey." This video talks about cultivating a healthier mindset by becoming more aware of

How to STOP HURTING Those We Love – Bipolar Help

CLICK IMAGE TO PLAY VIDEO If you have Bipolar Disorder, chances are you have lost at least one friend or relationship in your lifetime due to your struggles. We can sometimes be really hard on our friends, family, and ESPECIALLY partners.

THE BIPOLAR BRICK WALL: Are You Fault-Finding or Flourishing?

CLICK IMAGE TO PLAY VIDEO Welcome to Polar Warrior's video about “Fault Finding” and “The Brick Wall!” In this video, we are going to explore some techniques that can help change the way you see yourself, your accomplishments, and to be


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