Disagreements & Conflict – Bipolar Disorder Relationship Help!

CLICK IMAGE TO PLAY VIDEO Everyone experiences conflict weather they have Bipolar Disorder or not. It's just part of coexisting with other human beings. For those of us who do have Bipolar Disorder, we can experience additional challenges when it comes

Simple Tip to HELP With DEPRESSION – From Bipolar Warriors!

CLICK IMAGE TO PLAY VIDEO This is a simple and easy tool that might help change your perspective on depression. If you are experiencing severe depression at the moment, or a Bipolar crash, this might not be a "fix all" by

Is BIPOLAR Disorder Your Parent’s FAULT?

CLICK IMAGE TO PLAY VIDEO Is having Bipolar something that was caused by your parents? This is a common question among people searching for answers and I believe this video can help provide a better understanding of mental illness and causation.

BIPOLAR Relationship HELP: Words of Wisdom For a Healthy Marriage

CLICK IMAGE TO PLAY VIDEO Of all the Bipolar videos I've made so far, this one was the hardest for me personally. Bipolar relationships and marriages can be so challenging that many of them don't survive it. That DOESN'T mean that

10 Signs of BIPOLAR Disorder: How To Tell if Someone is Bipolar!

CLICK IMAGE TO PLAY VIDEO How to tell if someone has Bipolar Disorder... This video will go over 10 signs of mania AND 10 signs of Bipolar depression to help people identify common symptoms of Bipolar Disorder. Please keep in mind

THE BIPOLAR CHICKEN FARMER: Powerful Lesson in Mindfulness!

CLICK IMAGE TO PLAY VIDEO The "Bipolar Chicken Farmer" is a fantastic story that puts things into a different perspective for those of us on the "Bipolar Journey." This video talks about cultivating a healthier mindset by becoming more aware of


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