10 Powerful Anger Management Techniques: Help Dealing With Anger & Rage!

CLICK IMAGE TO PLAY VIDEO RAGE & ANGER Management have been some of the most requested video topics on my YouTube channel. I'm going to cover a very inclusive look into how anger symptoms manifest, important things to know & look out

HYPERSEXUALITY: Signs, Symptoms, Treatment, & More!

CLICK IMAGE TO PLAY VIDEO Hypersexuality is more common than people realize and it's extremely important to know the signs of "hypersexual behavior." It can have a HUGE impact on our decision making and especially our relationships. In fact, the average percentage

Bipolar Disorder Symptoms: SEE THEM IN ACTION!

CLICK IMAGE TO PLAY VIDEO As we learn more about Bipolar Disorder, it will get easier to start noticing the patterns of predictable behavior that go with it... At first, it can seem like there is "no method to the madness."

12 Tips For Friends & Family Who Want to Help Someone With Bipolar Disorder!

CLICK IMAGE TO PLAY VIDEO Bipolar disorder is a team effort - especially when our friends, family, or spouse become an important part of our support system. Even though these people love us deeply and want to be there for us,

10 Things to NEVER SAY to Someone With Bipolar Disorder!

CLICK IMAGE TO PLAY VIDEO If someone has Bipolar Disorder, sometimes saying the wrong thing can be a HUGE trigger - causing devastating results and potentially impacting their overall stability or health! A trigger is basically and person, place, thing, or

BIPOLAR Relationship HELP: Words of Wisdom For a Healthy Marriage

CLICK IMAGE TO PLAY VIDEO Of all the Bipolar videos I've made so far, this one was the hardest for me personally. Bipolar relationships and marriages can be so challenging that many of them don't survive it. That DOESN'T mean that

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