BIPOLAR MEDICATION: Do I Have to Take it Forever?

CLICK IMAGE TO PLAY VIDEO FROM THE VIDEO:TAKING BIPOLAR MEDS FOREVER - Polar WarriorsA common question I get is “will I still have Bipolar episodes with the right meds?” The answer is yes! Which creates the follow up question...“Then why should

The 4 WORST “Mood Stabilizers” for BIPOLAR DISORDER!

CLICK IMAGE TO PLAY VIDEO TRANSCRIPT FROM THE VIDEO: The 4 WORST "Mood Stabilizers" for BIPOLAR DISORDER! - From Polar Warriors: "My YouTube channel has given me a very unique advantage when it comes to exploring mental health issues. I

7 Reasons Why People QUIT Taking Medication For Bipolar Disorder!

CLICK IMAGE TO PLAY VIDEO Those of us who have Bipolar Disorder often experience a “love hate” relationship with our medications. Finding the right combination can be a life-changing or even life-saving experience for many of us, but not all of


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